And That’s a Wrap!

3 min readJun 2, 2021

Congratulations to everyone for getting through this academic year! As we finish up our last few days of Zoom University, we wanted to take a look back to see all that CSSA has accomplished in this past year and counting.

We reached out to a couple of the CSSA Executive board members and Extended Board Members to ask them about their favorite memories and experiences from being in CSSA. As you can see from these responses, it’s been so much fun!! We really enjoyed getting to work with everyone on the board and interacting with our CogSci community at UCSD.

To our graduating members, we wish you all the best and hope to stay connected. To everyone else, we cannot wait to see what CSSA has in store for our next *in-person* year!

Q: What is your name and CSSA board position?

Samruddhi Hande: Professional Relations Lead

Emily Tam: Design Chair

Luke Sztajnkrycer: Secretary/PR

Daniel Li: Co-President

Samantha Cheung: Co-President

Jessica Orford: Marketing Chair

Q: What has been your favorite part of being a board member/committee member this year?

This was my 4th and final year as part of being CSSA and it was a huge part of my college experience. My favorite part was meeting all the people who I now consider some of my best friends and the amazing opportunities that being a part of this club presented me with.

Seeing the board handle and adapt so well to the circumstances of 2020, I’m really proud of everything CSSA has done this year!

The work I’ve been able to do with my peers and the communication I could have with professors and industry professionals. Also, working with the board is always fun because they’re all wonderful people.

My favorite part of being a board member this year was still being able to host a wide variety of virtual events, ranging from workshops to the annual conference, for our CogSci community.

My favorite part of being a board member this year was getting to spearhead some new initiatives in the club, such as introducing executive board member led workshops and the redesign of CSSA’s branding. I’ve also loved getting to meet new members of the club and trying to build an online community for CogSci students.

Rebranding our organization and hosting events completely virtually!

Q: What is your favorite CSSA memory or event?

My favorite CSSA memory is all the times the board members would just hang out outside of the club, and of course, the conferences because of all the hard work we would put into planning and executing them :)

My favorite event was the workshop geared towards Design and featured portfolio critiques from members of the design industry/alumni. I was able to get my portfolio critiqued and found it nerve wracking but also very helpful to get some feedback to improve my design portfolio.

One of my favorite memories from this year was co-hosting the CSSA Cross Campus Mixer. This was the first time we’ve collaborated with other CSSAs, and it was fun to meet CogSci students from different universities.

The Workshops since they were each planned and run by board members, so it really gave them a spotlight for their ideas and what they’re passionate about

Still one of the socials from my first year when a board member had a birthday. They brought Mochi and everyone celebrated.

Getting to know other CSSA groups across UC’s at our mixer

A Closing from your Content Writing Committee

This year was a year full of expecting the unexpected, and adapting to all these unprecedented changes during the pandemic. But between the online socials, weekly meetings, and amazing workshops and conferences, this year with CSSA has definitely left us with unforgettable memories and even more valuable friendships. We hope you’ve had just as much of a fun time participating in CSSA events this year, and we can’t wait to see how CSSA will continue to grow next year!

Signing off,
Maria, Kayla, and Aditi